Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Prototype Reflection: working titles...Tableaux or The Cafe

I learned a great deal from the playtesting of my project. It was a bit disappointing to see the loss of interest in some players from frustration at the design. But, I know that this only helps me to know where the fixes could be made. Just like every project there is a dramatic change from idea to conception to execution and it is those who can be sensitive to these changes and not merely hold onto the idea or fantasy that will succeed in realizing the projects true form. I realize now that the setting of the game although it worked also added to the confusion. I am not so sure how much players need to observe each other in order to acheive the more successful expressions of the game. I don't want to take this element out altogether. Rather I want to add more structure to it as opposed to the emergent chaos it played out in testing. I am thinking that by having players the ability to work together in more isolated environments and then work together in the cafe will help.

It seemed as though investment in completing the game must be more evident. Some players out of their nature kept trying to complete the game but others in their frustration seemed to work against that. I developed the game so that if one person fucks up it will throw off the whole game. It showed. But, also the instructions had to be carefully understood in order for them not to fuck up so delivery of rules is also antoher flaw.

And finally time became to evident in gamelay. Players who completed their tasks earlier than others had too much time to kill, this brought them out of the game. Players who didn't complete task on time sometimes threw off the game for other players. This must be corrected.

Thanks everyone for giving it your best and look forward to a wholly improved game next time around. Thanks also for those who have given me ideas for improvement they have helped (especially Roger, thanks dood).


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