Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Project Prototype: Avatar Game

1. Name/desiger: Avatar Drawing Game by Jessica
2. Platform/category: The genre of this game is almost like either a party game, ice breaker, or even a board game
3. Core mechanic: The Core Mechanic of the game is drawing and looking
4. Adjectives describing the play experience: Funny, confusing, sneaky, tricky, and revealing
5. Structural elements: The time limits involved in the structure of Jessicas game worked to keep pressure on players and make sure the game didn't become hectic. People who draw at differen't levels have to coordinate themselves to the time limits. The same goes for levels of analytical thinkers. But, the times also allow for enough durations for strategy and gameplay. The rules are very clear and the win scenario, although it really needs a payoff is clear.
6. Best developed element: The game is fun. I know that Jessica intends the game to be played by people who don't know each other but I think it works best how it is playtested. The use of strategy to subvert preconceptions players might have of those on trial. It was fun because everyone regardless of their levels of skill to draw were able to incorporate an obstacle for players.
7. Rules: I give the rules a 9 out of 10 only because they weren't presented formally enough.
8. Strategy: The strategy players make can effect the whole mood of the game. The game is all about strategy. I think that the beauty is all the opportunity there is for emergent strategy. For example nothing in the rules says players can form a collective strategy when drawing. How players attempt their drawings could also jeapordize the strategy another player had developed independently.
9. There are still ways to propel the game even with how succesfull it already is. I think that there could be a backstory to why players should identify all of these people. Maybe these avatars are camoflauge for hacker identities or political spies and the CIA or FBI is out to catch them all. The detective to capture them all gets promoted. Basically a pay-off would help the game.


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